Why should you get a Seedbox?

Why should you get a seedbox?

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Hello there!

On the previous chapter we covered the question “What is a seedbox” (feel free to check it out now if you haven’t done that before) and like I said now it is time to see “Why you should consider getting a seedbox”. I will provide you with a few simple but great facts/truths!


Ok! I get what a seedbox is and does now, but why should I get one?

I thought you’d never ask! I’ve pointed out a few things/reasons on the previous chapter/article but let me give you a more detailed view here with more reasons.

1.     Anonymity/Privacy/Safety.

Like I previously said, it is a great way to hide your real identity, your real connection and IP and generally a great way to protect your privacy in total. You can even go 100% anonymous if you hide your payment. You can do that easily by using a prepaid card or bitcoins. Both are great options and combined with SFTP (talked about it on our previous chapter) no one will know what you are downloading or uploading.

2.     Speed!

This is another main reason why you’d want to choose a seedbox. The speeds vary from 10Mb/s up to 1Gbps! You get amazing speeds and you can literally download an HD movie within minutes and an operating system in a few seconds. Of course your upload speed is also amazing. I personally love to upload super fast! I can live with a bit slower download speed.

3.     Online 24/7 no worries.

Yup, it is online all day long downloading or uploading torrents/files fixing or ruining (I am kidding but seriously) your ratio. No need to worry if the power or your connection speed goes down or turning it off because you have to go on vacation.

4.     Private trackers and ratio.

If you are a member of a private tracker, you already know what I am talking about with the “ratio”. Ratio is a must (important factor) to keep your account on each private tracker and a seedbox is the best way to do it. I will eventually write a guide which will explain how to do that.

5.     Home connection.

Your home connection will be free for you, and your family & friends to use it anyway you want to. Even if your connection’s bandwidth is limited, having a seedbox won’t use it all and you will be able to manage it properly. You will be able to grab the torrents you want from your seedbox whenever you want to, without pushing your home connection all the time or when you need it and without risking your ISP limiting you for high usage (yeah, some ISPs do that..).

6.     Because it is COOL!

Yup you heard me! Well actually read me? Anyway, it is a great feeling to give back to the community and I love it! I can’t do much with my home connection and since I work from home I wouldn’t be able to do that efficiently, so I go with a high speed seedbox! Try that out yourself and you will remember me! The feeling is indeed amazing :) Sharing is caring!


The list can go on and on but I think you get my points now of why you should get a seedbox.

For more reasons you can always check the links I have placed below.
TorrentFreak – Speed Up Your Torrent Downloads, Get a Seedbox
FileShareFreak – 10 Reasons Why You Need a Seedbox

Are you ready to get your first (or like 10th) seedbox? Take a look at the offers we have from various seedbox companies and choose what suits you best*. We update it almost daily!

If you still got any questions, post a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP as always.

*Next chapter will be about choosing the right plan for you, so you might want to check that out first before you buy a seedbox.

See you soon!

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