ChmuraNet – 10G Announcement

ChmuraNet We’ve got for you another exclusive announcement from ChmuraNet. This is one of the companies you can really trust, especially if you care about your anonymity. But I bet you already knew that. Once again I won’t get into details about ChmuraNet but feel free to check out their plans on our SeedBox List and/or on their website.

Now, about the announcement, we have some great news. ChmuraNet is re-introducing the 10GB plan, at the cost of 139eu/month offering you a 10Gbps speed with up to 12GB RAM, 2x2TB HDD and a Samsung EVO 840 240GB SSD per member. It is a truly unlimited bandwidth plan and the speeds, according to their testing, can reach up to 300MB/s! Last but not least, they currently have four slots open and of course a waiting list! So hurry up and grab yourself a slot today.

Here is the full announcement:

“Imagine a spherical seedbox….”

So about this time last year we decided to try to create a real 10G service, different from the others, one not loaded with users so that you could actually see 10G speeds, used SSD storage so it wouldn’t be constrained by conventional hard disk speed limits, and utilizing a hard core Intel 10G fiber NIC taking full advantage of the Chmura network. The goal was to build a box that was the fastest VPS we could, having had all the features we were known for, and still being affordable. The outcome of this? Chmuranet’s “We Are No Weasels” True 10G Unlimited.

The service offered unlimited bandwidth to a maximum of seven members, each member had two 2TB SATA III drives, and an upgradable 250GB SSD. Here is the but, we had problems, under load, stressed, the machine had the tendency to mysteriously pit disk speeds, dropping from 250MB/s to 50MB/s, latencies went through the roof. Unfortunate that.

So we closed the doors and started again, systematically testing each and every facet of the machine. Finally we identified the problem, a combination of the current LSI disk controller, and the SSDs under vmware were unable to handle the push through. So first thing we bought a new disk controller, the newest, just certified Areca controller, arguably the best, and we upgraded all of the SSDs to Samsung’s lickety split model.

Still there were problems, working with Areca, we went through two firmware changes, three driver upgrades, and we dogged VMWare to address hypervisor issues — it took months but we are now finally able to announce the re-opening our newly dubbed “Still No Weasels” True 10G Service, or as we call it in our line-up, just “Fastest”.

The new service can hit 400MB/s to the SSD, sustained. The hard disks can maintain 190MB/s. Testing direct to memory, the machine hits over 700MB/s. We are anxious to see it under full member load, but in testing we’ve seen Deluge hit peaks over 300MB/s. This is one hot box.

Technical Specs:
• Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620v2 Processors, 4x Cores per Member
• Areca 1883 12G SAS HBA
• 10Gbit Intel Fiber NIC, Full Duplex, Unfettered
• Maximum 7 Virtual Private Servers
• Upgrade to 12GB memory per Member
• 2x2TB HDD Per Member
• Samsung EVO 840 240GB SSD per Member
• Chmuranet’s proven VPS template, tweaked for 10G
• Unlimited Bandwidth on our PREMIUM Network

We have four slots open, and of course a waiting list. The price remains the same, €139 / Month

Chmuranet is a premium seedbox provider founded in 2011, offering turn-key high value virtual private servers accenting member experience, including personal service, server customization and anonymous registration with strong respect for privacy.

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