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What is a SeedBox?..

A seedbox is a private server used for the uploading and downloading of digital files. Wikipedia or our article.

So, why should I get a SeedBox?!?

1. They’re Secure & Safe.
2. Speed.
3. Uploading.
4. No more throttling and bandwidth limiting ISPs.
5. Competition.

You can find the Top 5 reasons on this TorrentFreak article and more reasons on our article here.

About Us

SeedBoxCenter.com was an old idea which came to life at last in July 2013. We are trying to build a strong community around seedboxes and a dedicated source of information. We are no experts in this field so please excuse any mistakes we might make and feel free to correct/guide us.

Contact SeedBoxCenter

If you have any question/problem/concern or if you are interested in promoting or advertising your seedbox company please contact us through our contact form.



Q. What offers can be listed on SeedBoxCenter?

At this point, we accept all kind of offers around seedboxes. As we expand we will try to be more strict with our rules so the customers can feel safer with the choices they have.

Q. I am a SeedBox provider. How can I get my offer posted?

Please contact us (using the contact form) providing us with full details about your seedbox package including:

  • Company name, person in charge and domain (company’s age, if you can also give us a dedicated link for your company’s reviews, e.g. forum thread, etc..)
  • Package name and website link
  • Disk/storage space, bandwidth, amount of memory (RAM), CPU, port speed, OS and any other information you can provide us with
  • Minimum/Maximum users per server and HDD (number of users and shared, dedicated, semi, etc)
  • Dedicated or Shared IP
  • Torrent Limitation
  • Location of your servers and which data centers you are using
  • Limitations like usage only atĀ private trackers
  • Seedbox Access, e.g. FTP, SFTP, SSH, HTTP access, Full Root, etc..
  • Scripts availability, e.g. autodl_irssi, Rapidget, etc..
  • VNC, Proxy, VPN
  • Torrent Client, e.g. RuTorrent, Deluge, etc..
  • Setup time and fee
  • Support method
  • Extras
  • Special rules you might have
  • Plans (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and Trial availability
  • Payment methods, e.g. PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill, BitCoin, etc..
  • PricingĀ (promotion codes if applicable) and Refund policy

The more information you provide us with, the better.

Contact us form example:

Company: SeedBoxCenter – SeedBoxCenter.com, newly created company (1 months old), no reviews yet, we are based in NL
Contact Person: Thomas

Seed till you die (Package name & link)
3TB monthly traffic / 700GB weekly traffic
Intel Celeron 1.2 GHz
CentOS 6 32bit
100Mbps (Up/Down)

2 users/server (semi dedicated)
2 users/hdd
Shared IP between 2 users
Unlimited torrents

Location and datacenter: Paris, France – OVH
Usage: ONLY on private trackers
Access: Webui + SFTP
Client: ruTorrent, deluge
Scripts: Rapidget
Extras: Free VPN

Payment methods: Paypal, Bitcoin
Support methods: Skype (online at 10.00AM – 20.00PM EEST daily), email (average reply time 6h)
Free Trial: 24h, contact us here
Set up: 12h setup time and NO fee for monthly plan, $1 for weekly plan
Price: $20/month (3 days money back guarantee if you are not happy with your box) or $7/week (non refundable)
Coupon: SBC_RuLeS (10% off every month!) – For the monthly plan only!


Offer post example: Here.


Remember: Keep Calm & Keep Seeding.