Changes Coming to ChmuraNet

ChmuraNet Today, we’ve got for you an exclusive early announcement from one of the top SeedBox companies out there, ChmuraNet. If you are not already familiar with the company, I just wanted to let you know that this is one of the companies you can really trust, especially if you care about your anonymity. I won’t get into details about ChmuraNet (since this is not an intro post but a news post) but feel free to check out their plans on our SeedBox List and/or on their website.

Now, about the announcement, we have some great news for both old and new customers. ChmuraNet is introducing a new plan, the 100M, (which is also the Plan of the Month [PotM] on our SeedBox List) at the cost of 25eu/month offering you a 100Mbps dedicated speed (per user) with 2GB RAM and 600GB HDD. They have also introduced the Concierge Co-Lo which lets users build their own server and be hosted by the Chmura network! Last but not least, starting on June 1st, the 1G plan will drop at 48eu/month instead of the 57eu/month it now is! All the above happened because of the network changes which you can read about below.

Here is the full announcement:

“Some significant changes are in the works, we’ve been busy:

– We have gone public with our new platform, our 100M service. This is a new and we think unique seedbox platform, running Debian 6, on top of an OpenSolaris based hypervisor providing a ZFS disk pool of 8x3TB, the machine has 2x1Gbit lines so each 100M connection is unshared. Very lickety split. This will be a nice entry level service.

– As of June 1st, we will be dropping our 20Gbit connect to Cogent, and replacing it with 20Gbit connection to NTT, as many of you know as a backbone Cogent as been a real problem for us – congested and only made worse by their fighting with several North American ISPs over peering.

We are also adding another 10Gbit line to AMS-IX, the Amsterdam exchange, which should improve our already excellent peering with other Amsterdam datacenters, like EvoSwitch, where Leaseweb lives.

We will now have 10Gbit drops to Zayo and Level3, 20Gbit to NTT, all as primary backbones, and on the exchange side 10G to NL-IX / OpenPeering and 30Gbit to AMS-IX. This is world class peering, shoring up Chmuranet’s reputation for beyond premium bandwidth.

– We have introduced our Concierge Co-Lo offering, a way that members can co-locate their own custom hardware on the Chmura network. A custom offering, this is a big step beyond the dedicated server. You can send us a server, say one with 50TB of media, running your own environment, and share it safely from a foreign datacenter.

– We’ve added to our staff with Matt, a networking guy and Deluge expert – offering solid around the clock coverage.

– We’ve just replaced, upgraded sFrank, one of our oldest machines with the first of three new machines we added this month. All three are 12 disk capable, Westmere enabled 1G boxes. With this addition, and bringing up the 100M service we’ve achieved a volume threshold with our provider, reducing our monthly hosting a little less than 15% (gradual over the upping of the three machines).

Leading to the big news, the good news, and impacts all of our 1G members, a price drop.

As of June first, the price for 1G will be 48€ / Month, reflecting our own drop in bandwidth costs.”

Some great news to finish your month!

Thank you,
SBC News Team – Seedbox news and offers on a 24/7 basis