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OVHAs you might already know, OVH (wikipedia) is the main hosting provider, with their own Datacenter, that most seedbox companies are reselling from. Their plans (currently are all sold out) are at a great price and the speeds you can reach within Europe are amazing (we’ve got a ton of seedboxes over here :)).

You might also remember that they had tons of problems a few months back (April to be exact) where they mass limited a ton of seedbox owners and providers and brought a little bit of chaos out there. That lasted long enough (They removed all the bandwidth limitations on July) to make a few seedbox companies close down and others to lose a huge percentage of their clients. Well to be honest, you should always have an alternative plan in case something like that happens (yeah I know it is easy to say stuff like that -.-“).

Now back on topic. I’ve read today that OVH sent out some emails (invitations to be exact), regarding their new plans, where they are asking the customers to fill out a survey and let them choose the servers they would be interested in. Here is a copy of these choices. (Thank you mrp for letting me use your images and content :))


SYS line-up

OVH - Enterprise

Enterprise line-up

OVH - Hosting

Hosting line-up

If you noticed, the mSP will get a huge hardware downgrade without any price decrease. (*)

“The mSP was 40E/month for 32GB / 4TB. The same 40E/month is coming in with 16GB / 2TB, so effectively a large price increase.”

Keep in mind that only the top 3-6 voted choices from each category will be available and the number of them will be limited to around 50/plan with a starting date sometime in November.

Update: We’ve also heard that new Kimsufis will only be sold to students. We will look into this soon.
Update 2: Here is the direct link to the survey image in case you doubt us :)
Update 3: (*) The “old” mSP was a 4-cores while the new one is 8-cores. Thank you Rantanplan :)

That’s all from me for now.

I will keep you posted!

Thank you,
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  1. mrp:

    Rumors are suggesting that the SYS line may be limited to just two choices, not 3-6. Also keep in mind that these are potential offers, OVH may change the actual offers at any time depending on customer survey feedback and sales goals. However, if Oles was trying to reduce his turnover and control sales I believe he will be very successful with these plans!

    Clearly, the mSP was priced to low, predatory pricing? Oles has publicly blamed the mSP offer for causing the OVH “sold out” situation. This won’t be repeated….

    Oles has publicly stated that the Kimsufi (now known as PE or PS) will be available as a 5E/month student plan (requiring verification every October) or a 10E/month standard plan with a limit of one per person. Not sure if it will still be limited to EU residents only at this price point.

    • HELLenic SBC SBC:

      Thank you for the extra info mrp :)

  2. Rantanplan:

    Hi. You just forgot to notice in your comparison that the “old” mSP was a 4-cores while the ES-8 at 40€ in this grid is a 8-cores. ;)

    • HELLenic SBC SBC:

      Thank you for that. Post updated! :)

      • mrd:

        It isn’t 8 cores. The table is incorrect, it means “threads”. So the new “mSP” will be 4 cores/8 threads (the same as before).

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  4. harri:

    I could not resist commenting.

    Perfectly written!

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