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For any torrent aficionado seeking enhanced privacy, convenience, and remarkable speeds, the concept of a seedbox holds immense appeal. Aspiring for discreet torrenting experiences can easily find satisfaction through these remarkable platforms, all while relishing top-tier swiftness. Particularly for individuals with ordinary requirements, the entry-level seedbox packages present an attractive option, often accompanied by budget-friendly pricing structures, typically amounting to just a few dollars per month.

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What is a Seedbox?

What is a seedbox

In the realm of digital file sharing and torrenting, the term “seedbox” has gained prominence as a solution that seamlessly blends speed, privacy, and convenience. But what exactly is a seedbox, and why has it become a go-to tool for torrent enthusiasts? Let’s delve into the world of seedboxes to understand their essence and impact.

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Major Update In 2019

Hello again,

Over 5 years have passed since the last time I’ve updated the website. It is time to fix that and make it more user friendly mainly focusing on SeedBox List and having everything nicely organized.

I will follow up with an update soon.

Thank you!

TuvixHosting – 8.25eu/Month 150GB HDD 1Gbps (up/down) in France

TuvixHostingToday we are going to introduce you to another (kind of) newly created SeedBox company Tuvix Hosting. It is about 8 months old and got some great reviews (and speeds!). On top of that their own servers are hosted in Ukraine so you know they take care of your privacy.

All packages come with root access and a Dedicated IP on a 1Gbps line with unmetered bandwidth, it doesn’t matter if it is a shared plan or not. They also allow public trackers, which makes the deal even sweeter!

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